What projects should you outsource to freelancers?

Guide to outsourcing the right projects to freelancers

The skills available in the freelance community mean that you could effectively outsource almost every part of your business' day to day operation.

But what is right for outsourcing to remote UK freelancers?


This guide covers some of the things to consider when deciding whether to outsource your project.

what projects should you outsource to freelancers?

Skills - where do you need help?

A simple venn diagram answers this question: Find out what skills are needed to meet your business' requirements. Of those required skills, which ones can you get from a freelancer that you don't have?

define the role of a freelancer

There may be additional skills you can outsource if:

Operational considerations

Just because you could outsource every project or requirement you have, doesn't mean you can or should.

The projects you can outsource need to work for two parties:

What makes sense

The operational fit of a project largely depends on the time, or rather its timing, and location.

Would make sense

Would not make sense

Website design



Personal Assistant

Above, you can see the projects that work well with outsourced, remote working have some similar traits:

In contrast, the projects that are not suited to outsourced, remote working have very specific requirements about hours of operation or location.

With both a skill fit and an operational fit, you can be confident that your project is suitable for remote freelance worker.

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