What is a freelance marketplace?

Guide to understanding freelance marketplaces

A marketplace is where sellers and buyers come together to do business.

A freelance marketplace is exactly the same, the only difference is in the freelance marketplace, it's skills and time being traded.


What is a freelance marketplace?

How does a freelance marketplace work?

Clients, who need projects and tasks completed, do business with Workers, who have the skills and time necessary.

freelance marketplace

What makes weliketowork.com stand out?

As freelancing becomes prevalent in the UK, so will the number of marketplaces where clients and workers can do business.

So, what makes weliketowork.com stand out?

Dedicated to the UK

Our focus on the UK provides a unique advantage for clients needing to work with UK freelance talent.

A focus on quality

weliketowork.com focuses on quality:

In contrast, some other marketplaces focus on volume - the more projects the better. This leads to workers delivering poor quality in order to provide the cheapest bids. No one wins in this scenario.

Our Customer Success team will work with both clients and workers to ensure quality work is produced at fair prices.

No hidden costs

Our platform is free to join and free to post and discuss projects. We will never hide fees or try to sneak in hidden extras. We have a very simple fee structure, which you can learn more about here.

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