Talent Pools

Guide to creating and using talent pools

Talent Pools are the solution to some of your most common freelancer recruitment challenges.

Using Talent Pools you can create a 'bench' of on-demand talent, reduce your time to hire and save on recruitment costs.

Talent Pools are easy to create and provide a simple, convenient method of managing your freelancers. You can even invite freelancers you already work with to join your Talent Pools.

About Talent Pools:

Talent Pool User Guide:

Guide to freelance talent pools

Benefits of Talent Pools

There are two main benefits of using Talent Pools:

1) Faster time to hire

For example, hiring a freelance designer from our UK marketplace takes between 1 and 3 days on average. Whilst this is pretty fast compared to traditional recruitment methods, Talent Pools typically reduce the time to hire to less than a day.

Talent Pools - faster time to hire

How can the Talent Pool reduce your time to hire so much?

A Talent Pool allows you to build a 'bench' of pre-vetted, pre-qualified freelancers. This means you can shortcut the resourcing process by finding, shortlisting and interviewing potential freelancers in advance. Then, when you need a project completed in a hurry, all you need to do is post it to your Talent Pool.

This has a number of advantages:

  1. Being proactive means you can ensure all freelancers meet a minimum standard before a project is in-flight
  2. You'll find it easier to resource projects in a hurry

2) Significant savings in recruitment fees

For a senior freelance designer sourced through a traditional contract/recruitment agency, you can pay hefty fees to the recruiter for their services.

You can instantly make savings by hiring the same designer through a freelance marketplace:

Talent Pools - cost savings

The Talent Pool also reduces the management overhead cost of making a hire. As you've already pre-vetted and approved the freelancers in your Talent Pool, you eliminate the cost of you reviewing CVs and applications.

Talent Pool User Guide

Getting the most from your Talent Pools

The following section is a practical guide to using Talent Pools in your weliketowork.com account.

Talent Pools are easy to create, simple to use and suitable for organisations of all sizes.

Work with our Pro team

Our Pro team can help you by managing the process on your behalf. Simply tell us what you need to get done, and we'll take care of the rest.

Pre-configured Talent Pools

As soon as you create a hiring account on weliketowork.com, you'll find you have two Talent Pools already configured. They are designed to help you quickly re-engage:

1) The people you’ve hired.

previous hires

2) The people who have applied for your projects.

previous applicants

Both of these pre-configured Talent Pools make it easy to offer new projects to one or many of these freelancers you've worked with previously.

To make the most of these pre-configured Talent Pools, check out our guides on reposting projects and rehiring freelancers.

Creating your own talent pools

Using Talent Pools helps you to organise your freelancers and get in touch with them when you need to. Create as many Talent Pools as you need and build the perfect team of freelancers for you.

You might create talent pools for things like:

  • Social media consultants with knowledge of your industry
  • Web developers who've worked with your content management system
  • Writers who specialise in a particular topic

The main advantage of creating talent pools is that you can get your projects out to a very specific group of freelancers with either key skills or experience.

To create a talent pool follow these steps:

1) Go to your Talent Pools.

Under the "Hire" menu option, choose "My Talent Pools".

go to talent pools screen

2) Click the "Create Talent Pool" option.

create talent pool

3) Create your talent pool.

Public description: Add information on who this Talent Pool is for.

Sharing visibility and Entry Requirements: You may not want others to be able to access this Talent Pool but if you would like other people to be able to see it and apply to join you can give details of what experience they need to have.

select visibility

4) Copy across your freelancers

You'll need to start with freelancers you've previously hired or freelancers that have previously applied to work on your projects. Choose the "Copy to another Talent Pool" under the "Actions" menu.

copy your freelancers

You can then select which Talent Pool to copy the freelancer into.

Copy freelancer

5) Invite freelancers to join your Talent Pool.

Invite people you’d love to work with by adding their email address.

Invite freelancers

They’ll get an invite to join the Talent Pool so that you can send them projects too.

Invite talent pools

Inviting your own freelancers

Reduce your recruitment costs whilst simplifying your processes

We believe strongly in supporting the UK's freelance economy and we recognise that the easier we make it for you to work with any freelancer, the better. So we’ve kept it simple.

You pay the people you hire for the work they do, at the rate you agree. And that’s it.

Freelancers hired via our marketplace pay us a small percentage of their earnings as a service fee but the platform is free for clients.

We know that organisations often have trusted freelancers they already use and to make life easy we won’t charge new freelancers you invite to the system a service fee to work on your projects.

Manage your freelance network with ease

Bring your own freelancer

Improve management

Manage your freelance talent via our secure and simple communication system, making it easier to keep communication and files in sync with your project.

Review your applications

Central Payment Engine

Our platform provides a secure payment processing engine, which makes paying a freelancer's invoice simple.

Review your applications

No-fuss, secure payment of invoices by credit/debit card or bank transfer.

Review your applications

Invoices organised by project or hiring manager for convenience.

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