Talent Pools

Guide to creating and using talent pools

Talent pools are a great way to build your freelance team.

Access all your freelancers in the same place at the same time and build bespoke talent pools to suit your business needs.

Whether you want to send a new project to your favourite freelancer, check over profiles before deciding who would be the best fit for your next piece of work or send a project to a few freelancers to see who is free to work on it; Talent Pools are a perfect way to manage your freelancers.

Guide to freelance talent pools

Pre-configured talent pools

We’ve made two Talent Pools for you:

The people you’ve hired.

previous hires

And the people who have applied for your projects.

previous applicants

Both of these pre-configured talent pools make it easy to offer new projects to one or many of these freelancers you've worked with previously.

Check out our guides to learn more about reposting projects and rehiring freelancers.

Creating your own talent pools

Using Talent Pools helps you to organise your freelancers and get in touch with them when you need to. Create as many Talent Pools as you need and build the perfect team of freelancers for you.

You might create talent pools for things like:

The main advantage of creating talent pools is that you can get your projects out to a very specific group of freelancers with either key skills or experience.

To create a talent pool follow these steps:

1) Go to your Talent Pools.

Under the "Hire" menu option, choose "My Talent Pools".

go to talent pools screen

2) Click the "Create Talent Pool" option.

create talent pool

3) Create your talent pool.

Public description: Add information on who this Talent Pool is for.

Sharing visibility and Entry Requirements: You may not want others to be able to access this Talent Pool but if you would like other people to be able to see it and apply to join you can give details of what experience they need to have.

select visibility

4) Copy across your freelancers

You'll need to start with freelancers you've previously hired or freelancers that have previously applied to work on your projects. Choose the "Copy to another Talent Pool" under the "Actions" menu.

copy your freelancers

You can then select which Talent Pool to copy the freelancer into.

Copy freelancer

5) Invite freelancers to join your Talent Pool.

Invite people you’d love to work with by adding their email address.

Invite freelancers

They’ll get an invite to join the Talent Pool so that you can send them projects too.

Invite talent pools

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