How to get the most out of reposting projects

Guide to getting the most out of reposting your projects

Reposting is posting the same project with either just a few or no changes at all to what you need doing. When you repost a project you will have already had one completed and be looking to send it out again to new freelancers. The key thing is that the project will be along very similar to the first one you posted, so writing the whole brief again would seem a bit of a waste of time and reposting makes it that bit easier.

In this guide you'll find:

Guide to reposting freelance projects

Why would you need to repost?

Commonly reposted projects

Research projects


You have a freelancer currently working on a research project for a client and your client has now given you four other sectors to run the same research on. Repost your project 4 times and get the information you need quickly.

Freelance SEO projects


Keeping up to date with SEO is really worth it and a review every few months of how things are looking will help you focus on the areas that need a boost. Writing a new b rief every time you need to hire is time consuming when there's very little difference in what you're asking to be completed, reposting is much quicker.

freelance bookkeeping


Keeping your accounts in order is going to come around every month whether you like it or not. Reposting the same project to available freelance bookkeepers means you know it is getting done and can tick it off your list.

freelance design projects


You need artwork created on a regular basis, perhaps you own a restaurant and change your menu every month. A freelancer can design a new menu for you to fit with the season and it'll take you seconds to repost the project with the new content every month.

Understanding the reposting process

Reposting a project takes seconds. Here's a step by step walk-through of the process:

1) Find your original project that you want to repost.

select the original project

Remember if the project has been closed you will need to change the filter from Open to Closed.

2) Choose the repost option

choose the repost option

3) Make any changes you need.

make any project changes

You may be happy leaving the project exactly as it is or you may want to make a few tweaks here and there. Either way make sure you double check it before posting.

4) Repost your project.

repost your project

5) Invite your favourite freelancers or let us do it for you.

invite your favourite freelancers

When is reposting not the best choice?

If you want to hire the same freelancer for multiple projects:

You may have found a great freelancer who has written your first blog post and you want to hold on to them for to write of fortnightly posts. You aren't looking for someone knew as you know the quality of the work is just what you are looking for. Reposting wouldn't be right for this project but you can hire you're freelancer multiple times using our rehire function.

If you need a completely different project completed:

You may have already had a graphic designer work on a brand redesign for you and now be looking for a web designer to set up your new website incorporating the work from this redesign. This requires a completely different skill set. You will need to write a new brief to ensure applicants to this project know what you are looking for. You may also need to think about whether this fits into the same budget and how long you are expecting the project to last. Our guide on How to write an effective brief will help you with this.

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