How to rehire a freelancer

Guide to rehiring freelancers

When you find the right person for the job, whether it's a full time employee or a freelancer, you want to hold on to them. Finding the perfect fit for your project can take time but when it clicks it's great. You want to use them again and again.

In this guide you'll find out more about rehiring your favourite freelancers:

guide to rehiring freelancers

What are the benefits of rehiring?

What are Talent Pools and how do I access them?

Talent pools give you access to all your favourite freelancers in one place. Choose from your Past Hires or your Past Candidates and rehire your favourite freelancers for your new project.

You can find your Talent Pools under "Hire" in the main menu. To find out more and start creating your own bespoke Talent Pools for your frequent needs check out our Talent Pools guide.

How do I rehire?

To rehire a past hire or past candidate follow these steps:

1) Go to your Talent Pools.

Talent pools

Remember if the project has been closed you will need to change the filter from Open to Closed.

2) Choose the freelancer you want to hire from your "Past Hires" or "Past Candidates"

Choose the freelancer

3) Send your freelancer a new project.

Send project details

Give your freelancer details of what you need doing just as your did when you posted your first project. Once you're happy with it just click “Post Project Now”. Your project will be sent straight to your freelancer so all you need to do is sit back and wait for them to get in touch.

4) Get your project started.

Get project started

Once your freelancer has got in touch by applying for your project you can get started straight away, all you need to do is click hire.

I want to send my project to a few of my previous freelancers

You may not be sure exactly who you want to hire from your previous freelancers or your priority might be finding someone who can start on the project as soon as possible. For this, sending your project out to a few of your previous freelancers would be best.

You'll see a “Post Project” option when you go to your Talent Pools. This gives you the chance to send your project to several of your previous freelancers.

post a project to freelancers

Add the details of your project as you usually would and then just select the freelancers you want the project to be sent to. If you are working to tight deadlines you could even mention this in the brief so that applicants know if they're going to be suitable or not.

When the applications come in you can start discussing as you usually would to find the best match and then just click hire to start working with your chosen freelancer again.

When is posting a new project or rehiring a better option?

When you want to hire multiple people:

Perhaps your project has grown and you need more people working on it than you first thought. Or maybe you would like the same piece of work to be carried out several times over a short period of time. You can easily send out the same project to several freelancers at once using our repost function. Hire as many freelancers as you need, all working on the same project at the same time. Find out more about reposting in our How to Repost guide.

When you want to use a new freelancer or need a new skill:

You may be looking for a completely new skill in a freelancer and none of your previous hires or candidates have the right experience. Or you may want to just try someone new. Post a new project and get in touch with new freelancers with the skills you need. Check out our guide on How to write an effective brief .

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