Adding references to your freelance profile

A practical guide on how to add references to your profile

Having references on your profile helps prospective clients see you've got a proven track-record. We also use reference information when matching you with projects.

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Adding references to your freelance profile

Why add a reference?

There are two benefits to adding references to your profile, especially if you're new to the UK freelance marketplace.

More credibility

Our clients tell us ratings and reviews play a huge part in deciding who to hire. No doubt, you've spotted the issue new freelancers face: you need to win a project before you can get a review.

To help solve this, we'll use verified references on your profile in addition to ratings and reviews. This helps new freelancers establish their credibility while they wait for their first review.

More projects

We will use verified reference information to help match client projects with your skills and experience. Adding references to compliment your skills can improve your chances of getting matched with projects

Adding a reference

Adding a reference is simple. There are 6 steps to follow and the process should take you less than 5 mins.

1) Choose the 'Your references' option and click the 'ask someone for a reference' button

Request a reference - start

2) Complete the 'Request a reference' form, giving the details of your referee

Request a reference - complete the form

3) Personalise the message to your referee. You can also send yourself a copy.

Request a reference - personalise your message

You can also use this unique url, in case you need to send the reference request via a LinkedIn message.

Request a reference - use the link to share

4) Your account will show any pending requests.

Request a reference - pending requests

5) Your referee will receive your request and answer a few quick questions.

Request a reference - referee's form

6) Once your referee submits their answers, we'll review them and as long as they meet our quality guidelines, we'll place them on your profile.

Request a reference - on your profile

Add a reference now

go to your account

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