How to write a great application

Guide to writing a successful application for a freelance project

Your application is your first point of contact with a potential client. It's your chance to really sell yourself and get noticed so it’s important to make sure both your application and your profile are eye-catching and entice the client into a further look.

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How to write a great freelance project application

What to include.

How to write an application for a freelance project

  1. Your interest: Giving a quick introductory sentence on why you are interested in the project will show the client that your application isn't just a stock application that you've used for other projects.
  2. Your experience: What makes you qualified to complete this project? Have you done work like this before? If so, where, for whom and for how long?
  3. How you would tackle the task: Give an idea of how you would approach this project if you were successful and tell the client how long you envisage the work taking to complete or the weekly hours needed to carry out the project.
  4. Ask questions: Whether it's about timings, logistics or finding out more about their business or the project itself, asking questions shows you're interested and organised and will help you going forwards.

How to keep your profile looking good

Once you've applied, the client will not only be looking at your application but will be able to see your profile too. So it is essential that this is complete, up-to-date and gives a great overview of your experience and qualities as a freelancer.

Make sure all the relevant skills are selected and you have completed the section asking for more information about how/why you have that skill.

Your profile serves as your CV and needs to be both professional and informative. Check out our guide on how to create a professional freelancer profile.

Create a Professional Freelancer Profile in 4 Steps

Creating a profile on is simple. In just 4 steps, you can have a profile to enable potential clients to find you and invite you to work on their projects. Read guide

Key points to remember



How to know if you've been successful

Waiting to hear back from an application, especially if you think it is the perfect project for you, can be a drag and what makes it worse is that there's not much you can do but wait…!

As with any job, there are going to be others who have applied and unfortunately you can't control who the client chooses, apart from making sure your application is top notch and that you get back to them quickly if they choose to get in touch.

Once you've made your application and answered any questions from the client, it's time for the client to choose who to hire. Bear in mind that they may be waiting to hear back from another freelancer so it might not be straight away. When they've made their decision the client will hit the “Hire” button and that will be your cue to get in touch and start the work. You'll receive a notification from us giving you the good news!

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