Create a Professional Freelancer Profile in 4 Steps

Guide to creating a professional freelancer profile

Your profile is like your business card, references and CV all rolled into one.

A professional profile can be the difference between successfully winning freelance projects and not.

Creating a profile on is simple. In just 4 steps, you can have a profile to enable potential clients to find you and invite you to work on their projects.

In this guide

create a professional freelance profile


4 simple steps to create a professional freelancer profile

  1. Enter your personal details. It sounds simple but all parts are essential so you can be contacted, paid and hired.
  2. Upload a profile picture. Keep it professional and friendly, even with remote online freelancing, clients want to build a working relationship and a nice smart profile picture always helps.
  3. Write a professional bio. This only needs to be a brief summary of your skills, background and experience. Be sure to include number of years’ experience, qualifications and note-worthy professional achievements.
  4. Add your skills. Selecting suitable and relevant skills is key to being matched with projects. For each skill you add, be sure to include something to evidence your skill.

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1) Your personal details

Your personal details are as precious to us as they are to you.

We ask you for:

The only things visible to a client (or another freelancer) are:

Everything else is kept confidential and secure.

The other pieces of personal information we ask for are to help us contact you and facilitate payments for the projects you work on.

2) Upload a profile picture

A professional profile picture is a must. People like dealing with people. And when you’re working as a remote freelancer, the profile picture is your way to show you’re a real person.

There are some do's and don'ts for profile pictures:



freelance profiles: good vs bad photos

3) Write a professional bio

The important thing to remember here is it’s a professional bio. Please do not use a bio from a dating site or a non-professional social media site or forum.

Your bio should be 2-3 short paragraphs in length and it needs to convey your strengths concisely. Remember, it’s likely a client will be browsing through lots of profiles so you need to grab their attention instantly.

Here are some tips:

Examples of good and bad professional bios

Example 1

"I have 15 years experience in creating Web applications. I've created 100+ Web applications and worked with large and small businesses. I am able to use a number of programming languages including Java, PHP and ASP.NET. Some of my previous work includes ecommerce and shopping applications."

- A good professional bio - Tells the client about wealth of experience, capability with specific programming languages and the types of applications

Example 2

"i have 2 kid's aged 3 & 6 year's old, but i love to blog, i blog on most social media platform's ,i do review's on some great products , or i often just spend endless hpurs online playing games."

- This is not suitable for a professional bio - it does not mention any specific experience or qualifications. Also the spelling and grammar have not been checked.

4) Add your skills

There are thousands of skills you can claim on our system. These range from Accounting to Zendesk API development.

At a minimum, you need to add one skill. But there is no maximum.

Adding skills is easy. Simply start typing in the 'tag your skills' box and our system will suggest skills you add to your profile.

adding skills to your freelance profile is easy

For each skill you add, you can include extra information about your experience with it.

You can see with this example, adding three skills, 'PHP', 'Object Oriented PHP' and 'phpMyAdmin' creates three correpsonding boxes for you to highlight your experience with each particular skill.

adding skills is easy

For example:

Skill = PHP

Experience = "12 years experience creating PHP websites. Comfortable with frameworks including Laravel and CodeIgniter."

Note: Only skills with a completed 'experience' field will be shown in the experience section of your profile. This is to make it easier for a client to hire a freelancer with a suitable level of experience for their project.

Skills are key to matching

Something to be mindful of is the more relevant skills you add, the more projects you can match with.

We take the quality of our skills to project matching very seriously. Good matches make for successful projects. And successful projects mean happy clients and happy freelancers.

When adding skills to your profile, only add skills you genuinely have:

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