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I have extensive experience in business journalism and copy writing. I tend to focus on the energy sector though ...  

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Speechwriter for High Impact Hello, I really want to make you shine and connect with a great speech. I've b...  

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Elise S


My name is Elise and I am a qualified Business Writer. I have always been interested in writing of any sort. I have...  

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Niki S


My writing helps you to get more bang for your buck. Whether it's a creative project or you want to attract new...  

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Business writing can take a number of forms, ranging from report writing to direct sales copywriting.

Regardless of how business writing is used, it is important you work with high quality business writers to make sure your message gets through and is understood.

Freelance Business Writers

Finding a freelance business writer to work on this can save you huge amounts of time when writing management reports or sales information.

Expert business writers can help you with:

  • Management reporting
  • Sales information
  • Internal communications and newsletters

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How to collaborate with freelancers

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Is the traditional company structure still fit for purpose?

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How to work with freelancers securely

How to work with freelancers securely

The advantages of working with freelancers are clear. It's often quicker, cheaper and easier than hiring a full-time member of staff. But can you trust a freelancer to work on your project? How do you know it's safe to give them access to your data and your systems?

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