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WEBSITE: LINKEDIN: - A well tho...  


I'm well motivated, extremely creative and always look to innovate on every task. I believe that with every pro...  


I am a freelance 2D Motion graphics, 2D animation and mixed media animator with a BA HONS Animation. I have 5 years...  


Andy M

South Croydon

I am a creative designer working on variety of projects with over 16 years experience in the industry. Ive worked o...  


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Sometimes the best way to tell a story is with animation. Moving pictures, timely messages and motion are a great way to simply express a complicated topic.

Animation can be used in many formats, ranging from animated gifs to short videos.

Freelance Animators

Animation is a very fine art. Balancing a smooth animation with file size and compatibility is best left to the experts..

The best way to hire an Animator on demand is using remote freelancers. The sorts of Animation project you can outsource are:

  • Animated GIF creation
  • Instagram or Vine animated videos
  • Sales or marketing animations

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