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I have 16 years experience in marketing and communications working with both private and public sector organisation...  

event planning

Kelly H


Student nurse looking for extra work. I have lots of skills, please message me for more information. Local area onl...  

event planning

Kathryn M


I am an experienced professional with over 10 years experience working in the events industry with a big focus on h...  

event planning

Beck H


Experienced freelance Social Media Marketing Consultant with experience at all levels of social media support for s...  

event planning

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Holding an event puts you under a lot of pressure. There are lots of moving parts, that all need to come together at a particular date and time.

Virtual Event Planners

Running a successful event takes experience and a knowledge of reputable suppliers. Hiring a freelance event planner for your event is a cost-effective way to run a successful event, such as:

  • Product launches
  • Company meetings
  • Seminars and conferences

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