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"I have 5 years experience in content writing and copy editing. I am able to tailor my writing to the needs of...  


Brazilian of Chinese descent. Lived in Canada for 12 years where I obtained my undergraduate degree from Canada'...  


Raphael A

Milton Keynes

Highly experience Auditor of over 15 years in public and private sectors including the big 4 accountancy firms (PWC...  


Adam K


I am a graduate who has achieved a Master’s degree in Energy Engineering. This is a highly specialized course whi...  


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Auditors review the accounts of organisations to check the validity and legality of their financial reporting. They can also offer advice and guidance to help reduce a companies costs or to reduce its financial risks.

Auditing is a necessary activity for public limited companies, banking and insurance companies and government departments.

Freelance Auditors

Freelance auditors are ideal because they provide a qualified, professional audit on a project basis, and can assist with:

  • Auditing company accounts
  • Ensuring financial legislation is complied with
  • Preparing reports and financial statements

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