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High quality work deserves a fair price

One of the principles behind weliketowork.com is good work deserves a fair price.

Everyone's happiest when projects are successful. And we believe that quality work and fair rates are the two key factors behind every successful project.

This is the reason we choose to only accept projects from UK-focused businesses who are looking for UK-based freelancers.

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Quality over quantity

Every project submitted by our clients are manually reviewed before we match them with available freelancers.

As a client, this means you only get responses from qualified freelancers.

And as a freelancer, this means you're able to put your best proposal forward for each project you're matched with.

Projects are matched carefully - in real-time

Our matching engine works continuously to match freelancer's skills with project requirements.

As a client, this means your projects can get started very quickly.

As a freelancer, this saves you hours of browsing through projects to find one you can do.

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MK Group
South Coast HR


The team at weliketowork have been highly supportive in finding us the right resources at the right time to support our internal team. Backed with a customer service that is excellent, I would highly recommend them.

Adrian Slade, CEO, MK Group UK

This was a fantastic way to easily add some high quality content to our website. I uploaded my brief and within a day had lots of great applications from freelancers. Once I had chosen between them, I had instant communication with the writer and two days later my article was ready to publish. I was really pleased with the article we had written by Sue.

Jessica Potts, Marketing Executive, OilFinity

I completed the project, and it was great – exactly what I needed. I will definitely use the service again, and have already recommended it. Codie was great. Thank you for your support with the brief, which was a massive help.

Kate Hartley, Managing Director, Carrot Communications

I have had a fantastic experience of using weliketowork. We needed a Social Media manager but had little experience of using freelance workers in this area. Mary helped us to put together a spec and we soon had several highly qualified candidates to choose from. Cathy has been working remotely with us for several months now and has increased our social media customer engagement across Twitter and Facebook tenfold.

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